Performance, weight and costs of aluminum vs high strength steels in automotive

high strength steel

Building cars can be an expensive industry and while we know that buying a new car can be quite expensive on its own, the automaker is also responsible for a fair amount of the upfront costs as well. Whilst steel prices fluctuate, in general they go up and OEM’s continue to squeeze their supply chain.

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Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation

Advanced materials

In recent years advanced materials have emerged and are having a major impact on the products around us. Coming from science and technology advanced materials can outperform traditional materials as they for instance can be tougher, can withstand higher temperatures, and can be tailored into new shapes.

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Sandstone to Pressmark – the acquisition

sandstone acquisition

After many months of arduous due diligence, the Napier team from Left Hand Press finally acquired 90% of Pressmark Pressings Limited in a project which was codenamed Sandstone. The team, which has been led by Alan Gardner through the acquisition, brings a wealth of experience to Pressmark. Leading the new team will be Chairman, Les Wilkins, who brings exceptional experience from the press industry, which has been generated over 40 years. Les has headed up OEM plants for Rover and BMW, as well as major tier 1 plants’ Les has also worked as a consultant for major automotive OEM’s in both Japan and China too. When questioned about the acquisition Les said “Pressmark is a great company with lots of opportunities and I am looking forward to working with the team to develop this further. We want to build on the excellent reputation that Pressmark have for Quality, Cost and Delivery.”

Heading up the executive team will be Chief Executive, John Nollett, who brings a wealth of knowledge from the manufacturing sector, where he has been involved in design, manufacture and assembly direct into automotive OEM’s. On speaking with John he spoke about the opportunity saying, “I have been fortunate enough to have spent some time with the existing team at Pressmark, learning about their capabilities and can honestly say that the company has all of the fundamental structures in place that we need to develop this business further. The team here are great and I am truly looking forward to developing some strong relationships with them, along with our Customers and Suppliers alike to drive this business forward.” He went on to say “Based in Atherstone, Warwickshire, we are ideally situated to fulfil the needs of the UK manufacturing sector. There is a great automotive and manufacturing heritage locally within the Midlands Engine and it will be fantastic to draw upon that experience as we grow our business here in the Midlands.”

Finally, Alan Gardner brings significant change management experience, along with his financial expertise, as he has previously worked at partner level within KPMG. Alan has also had a lot of experience working alongside manufacturing businesses throughout his career. Holding the position of Finance Director, Alan spoke of the deal saying “Pressmark is an ideal acquisition for Left Hand Press, as it brings a variety of large bed presses with ample free capacity to grow the business, not only in the automotive sector, where it is strong, but other sectors too. With the financial support that we have, along with the experience that both John and Les bring to the team, I am excited about the future for Pressmark.”